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Український музичний ярмарок-2017

Broadband audiological screening of human hearing

The thesis is devoted to development of new methods and tools for screening of human hearing, based on the definition of new diagnostic parameters of the state of the auditory system, and allow us to place hearing damage.

The electric model of human auditory system was build. The spectral-time analysis of the resonances of the vocal tract done, on the basis of which was obtained by studying the spectrum of newborns. The method of the objective audiometry, based on the individual frequency dependence of the threshold of hearing, which will improve the accuracy of diagnosis of hearing with the otoacoustic emissions. A new method for determining the parameter rules the state of the middle ear in the human speech frequency range, which includes the acoustic impact on the middle ear of the patient and measure the main parameters of the ear, through which diagnose the state of system. Designed modern broadband acoustic ear echo spectrometer for monitoring standards of the average human ear without a pneumatic system that allows you to diagnose abnormalities of the middle ear in real time.


Keywords: electrical model of the auditory system, hearing screening human auditory system modeling, otoacoustic emissions, the middle ear norm parameter, the echo spectrometer.