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Our friends

Laboratory of acoustic examination and correction

LabAEC: Laboratory of acoustic examination and correction

The Laboratory was organized by the decision of the meeting of the Department of Acoustics and acoustoelectronics, Protocol 1 on 08/26/.2015

The headquarters of the Laboratory: room 233, Building 12 of NTUU "KPI"
Duty Headquarters: Arkadiy Prodeus, Kostiantyn Pylypenko

Goals and tasks:

  • consulting assistance to students, organizations and individuals for the acoustic examination and correction
  • realization of educational and practical projects

Forms of work:

  • consultations, seminars
  • publication of information materials (publications in journals, conference papers) of teachers and students of the Department of Acoustics and acoustoelectronics on the web page of Laboratory


  • teaching staff
  • graduate students, masters, bachelors

Types of acoustic expertise:

  • evaluation of the quality of rooms and outdoor areas
  • evaluation of the quality of communication lines
  • evaluation of the quality of noise reduction algorithms
  • evaluation of the quality of reverberation reduction algorithms
  • the future: evaluation of musical instruments and vocal quality

Types of acoustic consultations:

  • recommendations on how to reduce the noise level
  • recommendations for changing the reverberation time in rooms
  • correction of noisy signals
  • correction signals distorted by reverberation

Expected utility of Laboratory activities:

  • depth study by the students and teachers of certain issues of technical acoustics by solving real practical problems
  • inform potential applicants about the problems of the department and the diversity of educational activity
  • multiplication and strengthening partnerships with the Department of educational, scientific and industrial organizations of Ukraine
  • making a contribution to the revival of the scientific and technical potential of Ukraine

Training and practical projects: