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Research projects


The department participated in the creation of the following books:

Наукові проекти

  1. " Wave Problems of reflection and transmission of sound” (V.S. Didkovskiy, V.T.Matsapura, I.L.Oboznenko, 1989)
  2. "Introduction to the algebraic theory of codes that control errors” (V.A.Heranyn, V.V.Pilinskiy, 1989)
  3. " EMI noise in power circuits” (G.S.Wexler, V.S. Nedochetov, V.V.Pilinskiy, N.V.Rodionova,V.A.Temnikov,1990)
  4. " Design of frame structures with optimal sound and Vibration properties” (V.S. Didkovskiy , V.V. Karachun, V.I. Zaborovo, 1991)
  5. " Methods of calculation of dynamical systems" (V. V. Karachun, V.S. Didkovskiy, 1992)
  6. "Power supply of electronic equipment” (V.V.Pilinskiy, N.V.Rodionova, A.I. Rybin, V.O. Heranin,V.A.Demura, 1994)
  7. " Basic dynamics walling” (V. V. Karachun, V.S. Didkovskiy , 1995)
  8. "Noise and Vibration” (V.S. Didkovskiy , P.A.Markel, 1995) – the first textbook in the department
  9. "The theoretical basis of acoustics” (V.T. Grinchenko, V.S. Didkovskiy, V.T.Matsypura, 1998)
  10. "Expert systems in medicine” (A.M. Prodeus, E.N. Zahrabova)
  11. "Piezoelectric medical ultrasound transducers” (V.S. Didkovskiy, S.A.Naida, 1999)
  12. "Underwater acoustic antenna” (O.H.Lake, J.E.Shamarin, V.P.Tkachenko, 2000)
  13. "Fundamentals of architectural and physiological acoustics” (V.S. Didkovskiy, S.A. Lunyov, 2001)
  14. "Key issues of digital image processing” (N.L.Volkovich, V.A.Heranin, F.W.Kolokoltsev, S. Lyaschenoko, T.V. Movchan, L.D. Pisarenko, J.Putilov, Y.Y.Ruschytskyy, S.M. Hotyayintsev, 2001)
  15. "Recursive and digital filters” (calculation and synthesis of structural schemes, the calculation of quantization errors) (V.A.Heranin, P.A. Ermolenko, V.V. Makarenko, T.V. Movchan, L.D. Pisarenko, V. V.Pilinskiy, S.M. Rozorinov, S.M. Hotyayintsev, 2001)
  16. "Selected problems of probabilistic temporal-frequency analysis of information systems” (V.A. Heranin, D.S. Liashenko, T.V. Movchan, L.D. Pisarenko , O.V. Fishing, S.M. Hotyayintsev)
  17. "Partial encoding and decoding of Viterbo in electronic information systems" (V.A.Heranin, V.Makarenko, J.Mevshyn, T.V.Movchan, L.D.Pisarenko, J.Putilov, S.M.Hotyayintsev, 2001)
  18. "The technology of acoustic antennas” (J.E.Shamarin, O.H.Lake, A.Y.Shamarin, V.P.Tkachenko, 2001)
  19. "Fundamentals of acoustic ecology” (V.S. Didkovskiy, V.J.Akymenko, A.I.Zaporozhets, V.G.Savin, B.L.Tokarev,2002)
  20. "Workshop on Technical Acoustics"(V.S. Didkovskiy , O.H. L ake, V.G Savin, S.A.Hole, V.T. Matsapura, S.A. Naida, Y. G. Bezymyany, A.A. Babaev, 2003)
  21. "Introduction to nonlinear dynamics (V.T. Grinchenko, V.T. Matsapura, A.A. Snarskyy, 2005)
  22. "Ultrasonic flaw detection” (V.G. Berkut, C.M. Valevich, 2006)
  23. "Electro piezoceramic transducers (design, designing, constructing)” (V.S Didkovskiy, O.H. Lake, V.G. Savin, 2006).
  24. "Matlab for acoustics, but also for all who are going to create and process various kinds of signals. Textbook." – (A.Ananiev, E.Ananiev, A.Y.Putilova, 2007)
  25. "Fundamentals of Acoustics. Textbook" (V.T.Grinchenko, I.V. Vovk, V.T. Matsypura, Kyiv, Naukova Dumka, 2007).
  26. A.B. Ananiev "Elements of musical acoustics. Textbook." - K.: "PHOENIX", 2008.
  27. V.S. Didkovskiy, M.V. Didkovskiy, A.N. Prodeus “Acoustic examination of speech communication channels.” - K.: "IMEX-LTD", 2008.
  28. V.S. Didkovskiy , S.A.Nida , V.P. Ovsianikov “ Physical Acoustics.” - K.: "IMEX-LTD", 2009.