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Молодіжна дисконтна мережа «KPI SDC»

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Український музичний ярмарок-2017

Passport of the specialty 05.09.08

Approved by the decision of the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine of 14.06.07. No. 47-08 / 6


specialty 05.09.08 "Applied acoustics and sound engineering"

І.  Formula of specialty

Applied acoustics and sound engineering is a branch of science and technology that investigates and establishes the physical principles and patterns of the creation, operation and implementation of devices based on the peculiarities of the distribution of sound signals into electrical signals and vice versa in the infrasonic, acoustic and ultrasound frequency bands in multimedia environments and creates the technology of the use of these devices and the effects associated with them.

ІІ.  Areas of research

  1. Study of regularities and investigation of properties of multimedia propagation of acoustic waves in gases, liquids and solids and application of effects associated with the propagation of acoustic waves (cavitation, diffusion).
  2. Study of regularities and research of general principles, phenomena and effects, transformation of acoustic signals into electrical and vice versa; development of new methods, devices and systems, including research and development of common properties of sensors and new materials for converters of electroacoustic and sound engineering systems.
  3. Research, development, optimization of technologies and devices of synthesis, encoding of compression, protection, registration, reproduction and correction of electroacoustic and sound signals using acoustic effects (location, communication, telemetry, defectoscopy, molecular acoustics).
  4. Research and development of technologies and devices; creation of a real sound environment for mass audiences of individual personalities; modeling of acoustic properties of auditory and linguistic devices, psychoacoustic mechanisms underlying the perception of a sound signal by a person; developing corrective hearing aids.
  5. Electroacoustic and sound measurements, measuring instruments and stands;
  6. Electroacoustic compatibility of technical systems;
  7. Electromagnetic and acoustic compatibility of sound systems, simulation of parasitic channels of propagation of signals of the sound band; Development of means for detecting and protecting against leakage in the frequency range of electroacoustic and audible signals.

ІІІ.  The branches of science, of which are awarded degrees

Technical sciences