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Молодіжна дисконтна мережа «KPI SDC»

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Development history

The third period of the department development (1981-1987) is connected with the appointment of the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences I.M.Grankin on the post of the department chair. As the research advisor of a branch research laboratory "Acoustoelectronics" (in the KPI structure), he introduced the additional directions in the curriculum which were connected with the development of acoustic processing devices of signals based on surface acoustic waves. Thus the necessity of new training course and a long-term plan of subjects in adjacent courses arose. Since 1982 the department began to be called as “Acoustics and Acoustoelectronics department”. At this time young teachers, graduates of the institute, M.V.Rodionova, A.M.Petryshchev came to work here.


The department publishing activities at this stage was marked with the appearance of educational-scientific works: «Sea reverberation. The text-book» (Karnovskyi M. I, 1986), «Propagation of a sound through the wave channels. Methodical instructions on the course "theoretical bases of hydroacoustic"» (Karnovskyi M. I, 1981), «Models of hydroacoustic noises» (Krasilnikov O. I, 1984), «Methodical instructions on the course "theoretical bases of hydroacoustics"» (Karnovskyi M. I., 1986), «The sound propagation through the stochastic-non-uniform medium. Methodical instructions on discipline "theoretical foundations of hydroacoustics"» (Karnovskyi M. I., 1985), «Methodical instructions to discipline "Electroacoustics and US technics"» (Galanenko V. B., 1986), «Methodical instructions to laboratory works on the discipline "Electric fluctuations"» (Puhnjuk Y.V., 1981), «Synthesis of digital filters. Methodical instructions on the course work on discipline "Electric fluctuations"» (Gaevaya N.N., Geranin V. A. 1981), «Methodical instructions to laboratory works on discipline "Acoustics"» (Belous E.S., Beskorovainyi B. M, 1984), «Methodical instructions to an academic project on disciplines "Electronic devices of electro-acoustic path" and "Electronic devices AMZ and ZТА"» (Meleshko N.A., Puhniuk Y.V., 1985), «Green's Function. Methodical instructions on the course "theoretical foundation of hydroacoustics"» (Karnovskyi M. И, 1984),« Electro-acoustic equipment. Methodical instructions to laboratory works on discipline "Electro-acoustic equipment" (Belous E.S., 1986), «The program and methodical instructions on discipline "Acoustics and acoustoelectronics"» (Beskorovainyi B. M, 1982), «A few questions of nonlinear acoustics. Methodical instructions on discipline "Ultrasound and its applications" (Galanenko V. B., 1986), «The Spectral analysis of spectral stochastic processes with the computer use. Methodical instructions on discipline "Acoustic signals and their processing" (Krasilnikov A.I., 1985), «The set of lectures to a course "Acoustic measurements" (Oboznenko I.L., 1987), «Measurements of amplitude and a phase of surface acoustic waves by the optical methods. Methodical instructions on the discipline "Acoustoelectronics" (Grankin I.M., 1984).

This stage of the department development is defined not only by developments in the teaching methodology, but also coincides with the development of the first in the USSR digital hydroacoustic complex "Star", in which many graduates of the department took part. The department’s graduate - Oleg Mihailovych Aleshchenko was the chief designer of this complex.

This example of the graduates’ participation in the successful development of the digital hydroacoustic complex "Star" proves the high overall performance of faculty staff, who prepared highly skilled engineers.