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Development history

At the second stage of the department development great success was achieved in the field of statistical hydroacoustics, spatial and time processing of ordinary and sonar signals, research of hydrolocation methods and noise direction finding in a wide frequency range, research of hydroacoustic fields with the mixed boundary conditions, research of aerial synthesis methods, study of possibilities of active equalization of vibration and noise of mobile objects, research of classification problems in hydroacoustics. It was at the KIFE where for the first time in the USSR computer data acquisition and processing of hydroacoustic signals were improved.

The second period of the department activity is characterized by fast growth of its scientific and technical potential. It was based on fruitful cooperation with the department of radio receiving equipment. This department, headed by prof. M.F.Volerner, was the first in carrying out hydroacoustic research in the KPI. Departments jointly realized some large research works for the Navy of the USSR (1959-1962) Fulfillment of this research included manufacturing of the operational hydroacoustic stand and carrying out of natural experiments. In general these works were directed at theoretical and experimental substantiation of the methods and elaboration of higher range means of active and passive devices for detecting above-water and underwater objects. 


Those works required rapid increase of staff quantity in research sector (RS) of the department and provoked writing of PhD and DrSci degree works and a great deal of scientific articles and reports at all-Union and republican conferences and seminars.

In the sixties the teaching staff of the department was completed with graduates of the department (B.I.Shotskyi, V.B.Galanenkr, I.L.Oboznenko, L.Y.Taradanov, O.S. Bilous, V.P.Pugach), ass. prof. N.G.Gatkin, ass. prof. Y.V.Puhniuk, ass. prof. V.V.Yaroshenko came from radio engineering faculty.

At that time the staff and volume of work which was carried out by research sector of the department had considerably grown. S.V.Pasechnyi, V.M.Mironov, M.A.Mironov, S.V.Skripchenko, V.O.Kramarenko, E.M.Pustovoitov, L.N.Kovalenko, L.G.Krasnii, N.A.Briker, L.S. Kovalenko, S.M.Zalizniak, Y.D. Bozhok and many others successfully worked there.

In 1972 on the basis of subdivisions of these two departments the hydroacoustics problem laboratory was created. M.F.Volerner was appointed as the head of the laboratory, M.I.Karnovskyi was the deputy head. Hydroacoustics problem laboratory consisted of two sectors subordinated to two departments. S.V.Pasechnyi was the head of the 2nd department; N.G.Gatkin was the research adviser of the department. At the end of 1974 the problem laboratory was reorganized into the design office "Storm" attached to the KPI. By this time the number of workers of each department exceeded 150 and it became one of the reasons of the reorganisation.

During this period of scientific researche upsurge in the department the Kiev School of Statistical Hydroacoustics was created. Such scientist as N.I.Karnovskyi, N.G.Gatkin, V.O.Geranin, B.I.Shotskyi, V.B.Galanenko, I.L.Oboznenko and a galaxy of their talented disciples and followers worked there.

The characteristic feature of the department was the close connection of its activity with scientific research which is carried out in Problem Laboratory of Hydroacoustics (PLHA), Kiev scientific research institutions of hydrodevices and other specialized organisations of the country. All teachers of the department were in leading posts in the PLHA, and the most talented students took part in research and later on became members of the laboratory staff.

The up-to-date equipment and high scientific and technical level of training allowed the staff of PLHA to design the equipment for carrying out of hydroacoustic research on the Baltic Sea, Barents Sea, White, Black, Japanese and Mediterranean Seas, to carry out oceanic projects and expeditions at the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans (1971-1978). 

Проблемна лабораторія

Results of scientific research of the department were reported at the International, all-Union, Republican and other conferences, symposiums, schools-seminars and published in many scientific journals. Scientific workers of the department were awarded with medals, certificates of good work and received hundreds of copyright certificates. In 1974 the department was honored with the highest award of the Exhibition of National Economy Achievements of the USSR - the Diploma of Honour. At this time scientific work of the department was headed by well known scientists M.I.Karnovskyi, N.G.Gatkin, V.T.Grinchenko (at present the academician, the director of Institute of Hydromechanics NAS of Ukraine).

The students’ scientific organisation (SSО) which was headed by senior lecturer (later professor) V.A.Geranin actively worked on the department. Students – members of SSО took an active part in the scientific work of the department and PLHA, the best works of students L.G.Krasnyi and A.M.Prodeus were awarded by Diplomas of the first degree of All-Union competition for the best student's scientific work.

The department publishing activities at this stage can be marked with appearance of educational-scientific works: "Integrators in measuring instruments" (N. G.Gatkin, V.A.Geranin, M.I.Karnovskyi, 1966), "The Noise stability of a typical path of detection of signals" (N. G.Gatkin, V.A.Geranin, M.I.Karnovskyi, L. G.Krasnyi, 1971), "Designing of acoustic aerials and transducers" (O.S. Bilous, V.S.Gorbenko, M.I.Karnovskyi, V.P.Pugach, 1975), "Harmonious fluctuations and waves in elastic medium" (V.T.Grinchenko, V.V.Meleshko, 1980), "Diffraction of surface acoustic waves on periodic structures" (I. M.Grankin, 1982).

In the seventies two doctor's theses were successfully defended by V.A.Geranin, N. G.Gatkin. In the early eighties young graduates from the KPI came to work in the department: V.T.Matsypura, S.A.Luneva, A.I.Krasilnikov.